Who attends Inman events?

Key Players

Over 4,000 highly motivated real estate sales professionals, independent and franchise brokers, C-level tech executives, and more.

High Performers

Inman Connect attendees are seasoned professionals that value their business and invest in it accordingly.

Industry Influencers

On stage and in the hallways, you'll see the industry's top thinkers and doers. And you'll be able to meet and connect.

Why attend an event as a group?

Reward your team

Recognize your top performers with registration at the event that will set them up for even greater success.

Find new solutions

On stage and in the Expo Hall, you'll find new industry tools and services that your team can experience up close and personal.

Increase your reach

There is more amazing content at Inman events than one person can take in. Divide and conquer with people you trust.

Network, network, network

Real estate is about relationships, and nowhere offers the power mix of top performers from all over like Luxury Connect and Inman Connect.

Show off your brokerage

When the industry sees your brokerage show up en masse, they know you're serious about growth and committed to your team.

Unlock special perks

Groups earn access to exclusive opportunities and special access at Inman events.

How much can you save with a group?

The more people in your group, the more each person saves! For groups smaller than 10 people, please visit our general ticketing site.


Inman Connect Las Vegas

General Pass Savings off each pass
10-14 people $175
15-19 people $200
20-24 people $225
25+ people $250


Luxury Connect

General Pass Savings off each pass
10+ people $200


Our partners share their experiences...

“We've advertised with almost everyone in the real estate industry and Inman is by far our favorite! We know our advertising dollars will go the furthest with them.”

Tina Baur, Marketing Manager, MoxiWorks

“Our ads have really been a great channel for us to reach an informed real estate agent and broker audience."

Debbie Connell, Marketing Manager, Market Leader

“Working with Inman increases our exposure to our primary audience and helps us build our own audience.”

Sara Evers, Digital Media Specialist, Buffini & Company

Spend less, get more.

Talk to our VIP Group Tickets team to put together the perfect package for your team, your brokerage, your mastermind group, your executive team, or any combination of professionals you want to bring to this transformative event.

  • Easy registration for groups of any size
  • Exclusive access to parties and networking events
  • Branding opportunities for large groups
  • Special access and exclusive experiences